Diprs and Dunkers $7.00

Nobody likes to get milk on their fingers. Diprs and Dunkers is here to save the day, now you can mow that entire bag of cookie goodness in one sitting while keeping your fingers dry the whole time. Jackpot!

Model Shay Maria

Heist and CO - Air Bear Tank $22.00

Air Bear would destroy Air Bud in game of 1 on 1. He has way cooler sneakers and can apparently palm a basketball which gives him a serious leg up on the competition.

Model Tianna Gregory

Winston's Legacy - Brooklyn Neck Tie $95.00

A tie is sort of like a cape that's worn in front of your body. Functionally they're both completely unnecessary but aesthetically they serve a great purpose. Ties, and capes, give the impression that the wearer is someone of consequence who's not to be messed with. Never, however, wear both a tie and a cape simultaneously, that's rule number 37 in the super hero rule book.

Model Erin Johnson

Bison - AirLighter $99.95

The command of fire. It's what separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. This is probably the manliest way possible to light up your BBQ.

Model Jaclyn Swedberg

HopBox - Home Brewing Kit $139.00

In our previous experience most home brews tasted like the brew master filtered a Bud Heavy through 3 old socks and then aged it in a trash bin for 3 weeks. That was until we tried HopBox. The guys at HopBox have simplified the brewing process and they provide you with all the tools you'll need to brew amazing, great tasting beer right in your own garage. Leave the trash can and dirty socks where they are and pick up a HopBox today!

Model Leanna Bartlett

RESQWater $4.50

"I'm never drinking again" - it's a phrase we've all uttered at some point, usually around 11 am on a Saturday when you're trying to find your wallet, phone, and girlfriend. Thanks to RESQwater you may have fewer of those mornings in the future, just pound a bottle before you pass out with your pants on and you'll feel like a million bucks when you wake up.

Model Misa Campo

Scienz Mini Beer Pong $74.99

Beer pong is amazing, but sometimes you don't have the space necessary to enjoy the game. With this miniature verson you can play pretty much anywere. Front cup!

Model Mariah Bevacqua

SpinChill $30.00

Don't let warm beer ruin a perfectly good weekday morning, just grab this clever tool and chill any beer in under 30 seconds. Clip the SpinChill to the top of any can, submerge it a bucket of ice water and pull the trigger... 30 seconds later you'll have a beer that's colder than a Coors Light commercial.

Model Natalia Barulich

Cordwain Rookwood boot black $189.00

73% of women say the first thing they notice about a man is his shoes... maybe it's time you upgraded from that pair of worn out sneakers.

Model Alysha Nett

Forsake Shoes - Warrant $110.00

Forsake shoes are like Donuts - you can't have just one. Get two of them, you'll be glad you did.

Model Ana Cheri

House of Marley - portable speaker $199.99

Easily one of the top 5 photos we've ever posted at SmokSho (which is saying a lot), and it's fitting because this boombox from HOM is one of our favorite products. This thing bumps, so turn it up and blast some old school hip hop on the front porch.

Model Tianna Gregory

Anki Drive $199.99

Anki drive is real life Mario Cart. You and up to 4 friends race cars around the track. The cars shoot guns, drop oil slicks, and have a ton of other cool tricks that can be unlocked the more you play the game. We're currently taking suggestions for the best way to turn this into a drinking game at: team@smoksho.com

Model Alysha Nett Model Natalia Barulich

Optix International - Fire Hose Belt $47.00

Every little kid dreams of being a fireman, and while many of us eventually give up on that dream Optix International is here to ease the pain. These belts, made from real recycled firehoses will make you feel as if you're in the driver's seat of a fire engine instead of sitting at a desk. It's time to leave your cubicle, buckle up a firehose belt, and slide down that fire pole! Get out there and save some lives man!

Model Jaclyn Swedberg

2 Liter Das Beer Boot $59.95

If you have to ask what a ZJ is you can't afford it. You also can't afford not to have a beer boot, it's the greatest drinking vessel ever conceived. This glass boot is like a way better version of Cinderella in which there's no whiney princess and you can drink with your friends until well after midnight. Cheers to that.

Model Shay Maria

Big Shot Bikes - Custom Fixie $429.00

Yeah she's sitting backwards on the bike, we know... and although we don't recommend actually riding the bike this way it would make for a killer Instagram post. Big Shot Bikes will build a custom fixie to your exact specifications and ship it to your door, so cruise on over and design your own.

Model Mariah Bevacqua

Tailgater Dual Tank $39.95

Who's king of any tailgate? The man with the beverage backpack that's who. College football season is just around the corner, are you prepared?

Model Bekka Gunther

Gerber - GDC Money Clip $32.00

A respectable man has a knife on him at all times. This pocket tool from Gerber makes carrying your knife as easy as carrying your cash.

Model Misa Campo

Floating Beer Pong Table $49.99

What's better than beer pong? Beer pong in the pool obviously. Invite some ladies over and show off your huge lung capacity by inflating it while they watch (if you get light headed take a break). Then toss it in the pool, choose your partner, and run the table against all challengers!

Model Ana Cheri Model Leanna Bartlett

Treats - Nantucket Shirt $125.00

I'M ON A BOAT, well not exactly, but this print from Treats will have you looking the part. Dudes with boats get all the girls, this trend should carry over to dudes with boat shirts right?

Model Tianna Gregory

EastWest Bottlers Moonshine Cologne $76.00

In a world where fame and power seem to dominate the mainstream, it's time to get back to our roots. MOONSHINE, a gentleman's cologne, is designed for men comfortable in their own skin.

Model Leanna Bartlett

Stance Socks $14.00

It's Alysha's birthday and all she asked for was a pair of Stance socks. Well that's not entirely true but new socks are pretty much the greatest thing ever, especially if they're from Stance.

Model Alysha Nett

Black/Black - MVMT Watch $95.00

MVMT produces formal and casual timepieces that flow seamlessly into your lifestyle and workday without breaking the bank. Your time is now, keep track of it with MVMT.

Model Jessa Hinton

"Do You Do Drugs Danny?" - Gregory Classics $100.00

"Do you do drugs Danny?" - "Every day sir" - "Good." This print from Gregory Classics, inspired by Caddy Shack, is a shout out to underachievers everywhere. You may not get that ivy league scholarship or own 2 lumber yards, but you can still hook up with the Judge's niece and drop putts like a boss when it counts.

Model Jaclyn Swedberg

DoubleDeluxe Hammock - Eagles Nest Outfitters $84.95

Sure, you could hog the whole Double Deluxe and feel like the King or Queen of your own country, but what good is a party bus with no party? Invite a friend, stretch out, and laugh together at all the people sitting in the dirt like suckers. The added width of the Double Deluxe makes it the perfect option for some quality time for you and your favorite SmokSho.

Model Mariah Bevacqua