TIHK – Handcuff Key


99% of men would let Tianna handcuff them and throw away the key, but for the 1% out there who would like to escape we bring you the TIHK. A tiny handcuff key that clips to your clothing, wallet, or man purse and will open all standard handcuffs. Do us a favor though, if you do choose to use this while in the back of a cop car please don’t tell them where you bought it.


Stance Socks


It’s Alysha’s birthday and all she asked for was a pair of Stance socks. Well that’s not entirely true but new socks are pretty much the greatest thing ever, especially if they’re from Stance.


Scienz Mini Beer Pong


Beer pong is amazing, but sometimes you don’t have the space necessary to enjoy the game. With this miniature verson you can play pretty much anywere. Front cup!


Forsake Shoes – Warrant


Forsake shoes are like Donuts – you can’t have just one. Get two of them, you’ll be glad you did.


Bison – AirLighter


The command of fire. It’s what separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. This is probably the manliest way possible to light up your BBQ.


MeUndies – Boxer Brief


If you haven’t seen the MeUndies promo video then you need to go to their Instagram (@me_undies) right now and check it out. You’ll be glad you did.


Custom Corn Hole Boards


Is it “corn hole” or “bags?” We’ll leave that for you to debate, but with a set of custom boards you’ll be the most popular person at the tailgate party. Choose from lots of different color options, or send in your own custom graphic to create a one of a kind set.

IMG_4529-0 (1)

Black/Black – MVMT Watch


MVMT produces formal and casual timepieces that flow seamlessly into your lifestyle and workday without breaking the bank. Your time is now, keep track of it with MVMT.


House of Marley – Hitch Watch


To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is to be forgotten. Don’t be forgotten, pick up the Hitch watch from House of Marley and set it a few minutes fast.

IMG_3596-0 (1)

Silo Mesh Card


This isn’t your grandfather’s billfold, the Silo is a minimalist wallet that will hold all your necessary items and protect your identity thanks to its RFID shield. Ditch that bulky piece of cowhide in your back pocket and replace it with the Silo.


2 Liter Das Beer Boot


This is das beer boot! Glass beer boots come from the practice of quite literally using one’s own boot to drink beer, originally done by German soldiers nearly 100 years ago.


Gerber Money Clip Knife


A respectable man has a knife on him at all times. This pocket tool from Gerber makes carrying your knife as easy as carrying your cash.

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