"Do You Do Drugs Danny?" - Gregory Classics $100.00

"Do you do drugs Danny?" - "Every day sir" - "Good." This print from Gregory Classics, inspired by Caddy Shack, is a shout out to underachievers everywhere. You may not get that ivy league scholarship or own 2 lumber yards, but you can still hook up with the Judge's niece and drop putts like a boss when it counts.

Model Jaclyn Swedberg

DoubleDeluxe Hammock - Eagles Nest Outfitters $84.95

Sure, you could hog the whole Double Deluxe and feel like the King or Queen of your own country, but what good is a party bus with no party? Invite a friend, stretch out, and laugh together at all the people sitting in the dirt like suckers. The added width of the Double Deluxe makes it the perfect option for some quality time for you and your favorite SmokSho.

Model Mariah Bevacqua

TIHK - Handcuff Key $12.00

99% of men would let Tianna handcuff them and throw away the key, but for the 1% out there who would like to escape we bring you the TIHK. A tiny handcuff key that clips to your clothing, wallet, or man purse and will open all standard handcuffs. Do us a favor though, if you do choose to use this while in the back of a cop car please don't tell them where you bought it.

Model Tianna Gregory

Mack Weldon - Pima V $32.00

Chicks dig the long ball... you know what else they dig? Dudes who wear white Vs. It's a fact of life, the V-neck plays boys, the V-neck plays.

Model Jessa Hinton

Silo Mesh Card $82.00

This isn't your grandfather's billfold, the Silo is a minimalist wallet that will hold all your necessary items and protect your identity thanks to its RFID shield. Ditch that bulky piece of cowhide in your back pocket and replace it with the Silo.

Model Natalia Barulich

Navy Boxer Briefs (2 Pack) - Left Field NYC $112.00

Left Field - it's where you put your best player in little league, and in this case it's also where you'll find the best underwear. These boxers fit like a glove, a left fielder's glove.

Model Ana Cheri

Monte Carlo Aviators - Blenders Eyewear $35.00

Real men know how to fly planes - but even if you don't you can still look the part with these Aviators from Blenders. Man up Maverick, pull the trigger on these bad boys.

Model Mariah Bevacqua

Cardigan - United by Blue $159.00

This just in - new research from Stanford has confirmed what the cool kids have known for decades - you never button the top button dude.

Carol's Cookies $35.50

We're currently working on book titled "The 39 1/2 keys to Happiness" - key number 36 involves eating chocolate chip cookies at least 3 times per week... seriously though.

Model Leanna Bartlett

Blenders Eyewear $35.00

"Will it blend" is a poplar YouTube channel where an old dude destroys random stuff in a blender. If that guy ever does an episode where he ruins some perfectly good Blenders sunglasses there will be blood.

Model Tianna Gregory

The Field General - Industry Portage $187.00

You've outgrown the bowl cut and the baggy jeans you had in high school... so why are you still carrying around the same style backpack you rocked in 8th grade? It's time for an upgrade.

Left Field - Fight Jacket $400.00

Left Field was started back in 1998, a time when American-made clothing was practically unheard of. Back then, the word "vintage" was only used to describe pieces that were actually old, and the brands that dominated menswear were as inspiring as the local Walmart. You won't find this Jacket at Walmart, in fact you should probably make a life decision to never go in Walmart ever again.

Model Alysha Nett

NuSocks - Monthly Subscription $10.00

Who wants NuSocks? Everybody wants new socks, and now you can get them delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Now if only we could get ice cream and Tequila delivered life would be complete.

Model Natalia Barulich

Work Shirt - Left Field NYC $230.00

Designed for the American working man, the Left Field Work Shirt has two chest pockets, reinforced elbows, metal buttons and a casual, slim fit. Made in the USA. #DoWork

Rox - Ice Ball Maker $9.99

Custom shaped ice is like the new Velcro, if you don't have something cool in your freezer you're behind the times. The Rox Ice Ball Maker makes having sweet ice cubes super easy and will also create a great talking point at your next party.

Model Alysha Nett

Electronic Return Putting Mat $69.99

Putt Putt Golf! Way better than real golf. And with this self returning putt putt golf mat you can practice anywhere. Get this and invite Leanna over for a putt putt challenge. She's pretty good.

Model Leanna Bartlett

Big Shot Bikes - Custom Fixie $429.00

Yeah she's sitting backwards on the bike, we know... and although we don't recommend actually riding the bike this way it would make for a killer Instagram post. Big Shot Bikes will build a custom fixie to your exact specifications and ship it to your door, so cruise on over and design your own.

Model Mariah Bevacqua

Gregory Classics - Total Redemption $100.00

"Just when I thought you couldn't be any DUMBER... you go and do something like this. AND totally REDEEM yourself!" This print pays homage to the movie that in some circles (ours) is considered the greatest of all time. You can't call yourself a true fan unless you've got Harry and Lloyd proudly displayed in your living room.

Model Natalia Barulich

Treats - Honolulu Shirt $125.00

There are still a number of prime beach days left. Take full advantage of them in this new print from Treats.

Model Ana Cheri

Nectar Sunglasses - Swag $20.00

Nectar Sunglasses make the perfect gift, everybody needs extra shades. And at only $20 per pair you'll have a few dollars left over to buy your buddy a beer at the bar.

Model Tianna Gregory

AJJ Shops - Custom Corn Hole Boards $99.99

Is it "corn hole" or "bags?" We'll leave that for you to debate, but with a set of custom boards you'll be the most popular person at the tailgate party. Choose from lots of different color options, or send in your own custom graphic to create a one of a kind set.

Model Jessa Hinton

Super Soaker - Barrage $19.99

Sun's out guns out. That phrase is way over played, but it seems to apply here. Super Soaker has been king of water guns for longer than any of us can remember and they continue to rule the back yard with new weapons like these. Soaking an unsuspecting friend never gets old.

Model Natalia Barulich

Herald Hill - The American $35.00

'Merica - the greatest nation on earth. You can support your favorite sports team but nobody can compete with the best team of all time: The USA

Model Alysha Nett

Into The AM - Rising Imagination Tank $28.00

This tank top is for people who only see the sunrise if they haven't been to bed. You can rest when you die kids, let's rage!

Model Leanna Bartlett